My Twitter Policy

Twitter can be a great tool and it can also be a huge waste of time so in order to keep me from following into the latter category I felt it would be a good idea to let everyone know what guidlines I going to be using going forward.

1. I’m not following everyone back.

I know that there are those out there that feel it is proper to follow someone who follows you but let’s be honest, you just can’t as the volume will get to be too much. If you decide to follow me that’s great, I’ll stop by your profile page and check out what you’re tweeting and if it’s interesting to me I might follow back. Please don’t take this personally, I just can’t be friends with everyone.

Right now I have over 500 folks I’m following and it’s already too much, there’s just no engagment from most. So yes, there’s a purge coming and again, it’s not personal, just a fact of life – you can only filter so much.

2. I tweet about everything

Some tweet about work, some about what they’re selling, some about family – me, I tweet about everything. So please keep that in mind when you follow me. I’m on Gowalla so you’ll get tweets from that, I mention what’s going on with the kids, at work, gaming, and whatever might be going on at the time.

Yes, my twitter account is personal and I use it that way.

3. Don’t pitch me with a Direct Message

I’ll say it again, don’t pitch me with a direct message – I’ll unfollow you immediately. I do on occasion send out a pitch for something but I do so on a broadcast (everyone gets it), I won’t direct message them to you so please don’t do it to me.

That’s all for now, I’m sure that I’ll be editing it and adding to it as time goes along so I will be moving this to a separate page and will let everyone know when there’s a change to it.

So, do you have a Twitter policy? Why not post a link to it below?

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