Picture 5 of my 365 Day Project


If you’ve been reading my blog at all you’ll pick up on a familiar trend – I prefer to use a digital tool if at all possible, my todo list, project tracking, note taking, you name it and I most likely have a digital based tool for it.

Today however I want to pay homage to the pen and paper, why? Simple really, over the last couple of days (just getting back from vacation) I decided to try and run my meetings and attend conference calls without my laptop and so far they’ve been quicker and wandered off topic less – both really good things in my book. Following the meeting I run down my list of notes and anything I can knock off quick (less than two minutes) I do and the rest gets added to my work-flow process as needed.

I should point out a couple of interesting posts that came out that also paid homage to the mighty pen and paper, Lifehacker‘s recent hive five named pen and paper the top tool for tracking goals and over at Stepcase Lifehacker Dustin Wax posted a great article about he just setup a new moleskin for use in 2010.

So, are you a pen and paper person, digital only, or a combination of the two? Please share in the comments.