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Still want a Chrome Notebook?

If you’re like me you made the attempt to get into Google’s Cr-48 program when they first announced it. They had 60,000 of those notebooks to hand out and if you really are like me, you didn’t get on.

All is not lost however as it would appear that there is another round of chances for those that would like to fill out the forms again. The folks at Google in conjunction with Box.net, Zoho and a few others are giving users of those online services a chance at getting a Chrome notebook.

So if you want to try and take the plunge again check out the post Living on the web with the Chrome Web Store (and the Cr-48!) for the details.

If you decide to give it a shot, I wish you the best of luck.

What I’ve been reading – December 5th edition

Another busy week and another round of reading items to share.  There are a number of Google related items in the list as the Chrome OS was made available for download for those that want to test it out (I’ve been booting from a USB drive to test it).

Enjoy the reading.


What are you reading? Post a link in the comments.