What’s your opinion – MMS on the iPhone, do you care?

So yesterday AT&T finally rolled out MMS capability to iPhone users a feature that just about every other phone on the planet could do but for some reason AT&T decided to wait on for the iPhone.

Personally, I grabbed the update as soon as I could and tested it out with a buddy of mine who has a Blackberry Storm on Verizon. I took a quick snapshot and sent it along and a few minutes later he had it, I’m thinking the delay may have been network traffic (about 5pm Eastcoast and shortly after the update became available), or maybe the size of the picture file, but the important thing to me was that it worked.

Of course this begs the question, will I use this feature? To be honest, I don’t know as up until now I knew the feature wasn’t there and really didn’t care. When I share pictures with most of the time I sending the photo to someone who wants it on their home computer, not in a text message so it gets sent by email. Will the fact that this feature is now available change that? Only time will tell.

So what do you think? MMS on the iPhone – is it a thumbs up for you or just another, “yeah, ok, it’s there?”

Sound off in the comments and thanks for sharing.