7 Ways to Manage Email So It Doesn’t Manage You

Is it just me or does email always seem to be able to grow like weeds in your inbox? I know it does in mine, in fact it’s next week item for my Project Reboot.

Jeff Weiner, the CEO of LinkedIn, shared seven of his tips to manage the email onslaught today. His first is something I wish a number of folks I know would follow.

1. If you want to receive less email, send less email

As ridiculously simple as it sounds for such a pervasive problem, I’ve found this to be the golden rule of email management: Send less of it.

I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve received multiple messages about the same topic – usually because the sender didn’t take a few minutes to collect all their thoughts before sending.

Tip number five is a good one too.

5. Give some thought To: the recipients

It seems like for many people, the To: and Cc: fields in email have become largely synonymous. They’re not

Jeff talks about making sure the right person is on the To: line – I’ve experienced the opposite issue, having been called out in a meeting for not responding when I was on the CC line, go figure.

If you have a few moments you should check out the whole article on LinkedIn.

2 thoughts on “7 Ways to Manage Email So It Doesn’t Manage You

  1. Greg

    Email works relatively well for me. I apply the GTD principles to it – anything over 2 minutes goes to Evernote (and the email gets moved into an @ACTION folder so I can reply to it later when the work is done). My Inbox is essentially ‘In’ in the GTD set-up, and is generally empty most of the time.

    For reducing sending email, this article changed the way I’ve worked recently. Anything that I’m sending to more than 1 person, I consider if a blog post if more useful (either on my professional blog or on the internal company / team set-up).

    1. Scot Newbury Post author

      Greg, I also attempt to follow the 2 minute rule with my email – sometimes successful, sometimes not. This big challenge for me is the volume – 100+ emails a day,

      I’ve already clipped the article you pointed to and added it to my read list – looks interesting.

      Thanks for commenting and sharing the link.

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