Add a Manager to Your Google+ Page

So you created a Google+ Page for your group or maybe that website you want to promote and now that things are moving along you realize that you can’t do it all yourself – you need help. So you think about having someone help you out and then you realize that the page you need help with is connected to your personal Google+ account and you don’t want to give your login information to someone else (and who can blame you) so what do you do?

You add a page manager, or two, of 50 (that’s the limit).

What can a page manager do? They can do everything you can as the owner of the page with two exceptions. First, they can’t delete the page, and second, they can’t change the ownership of it. They can however invite and remove others from the manager list so you might want to be careful as to who you make a manager of your page. (There’s a break down chart at this Google help page.)

That being said – let’s add a manager to the page I have for my other blog,

First things first, navigate to your page and in the upper right hand corner click the gear symbol and select, Google+ settings.

Google+ Settings

When the setting screen loads you’ll want to select the “Managers” option that will be seen on the left hand side of the screen.

Select Managers

Now you’ll invite your page manager by entering their email address into the invitation box you’ll see in the middle of your screen and click invite.

Invite Manager

After you click invite an email will be sent to the individual you want to be a manager for your page. It will look something similar to what you see below.

Email to new Manager

They need to click on the “Become a manager” link and then they’ll need to accept the pages terms and agree that they are authorized to manage the page (check the box) and hit accept. (Note: If they are logged into more than one Google account they will be asked which account they want to accept the invitation as.)

Accept Invite

Once they’ve accepted the invite they will be shown in the Manager’s List which appears right above the invitation box.

Manager Listing

That’s all there is to adding a manager to your page. If for some reason you decide that you no longer wish to have the person manage your page simply click the ‘x’ at the far right of the line and they will be removed as a manager and will receive an email stating that.

Hope that helps and gives you a bit more time to enjoy Google+ and less time managing things.