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Use a home screen shortcut to access Evernote notes

2 steps to create home screen shortcut(Tested on Android 4.1.2)

If you’re like me I have notes for a lot of different things in my Evernote account and sometimes I need to access one repeatedly (phone access codes for example). You can open up Evernote, and search it out or create an in application short cut but for even quicker access add it to your home screen.

After finding or creating the note in question
1. Select the menu button at the bottom of the note.
2. Select ‘Add to Home Screen’



At this point you should have shortcut icon on your home screen which give you one touch access to the note.

An Evernote shortcut on the home screenDon’t have an Evernote account? You can get one here (referral link).

Use a desktop shortcut for easy Evernote import

If you’re like me you frequently download PDF articles from the web and then want to be able to store them away in your Evernote for later review or retrieval. Which then usually leads to ¬†you to follow a multi-part process to get the file there.

  1. Tell the browser to download the file
  2. Locate your Evernote import folder
  3. Move the downloaded file to the Evernote import folder

To save some of those steps you could just download directly to the folder but what if you want to stitch multiple files together? What if you’re creating a zip archive (such as a group of photos) that you then want to import to Evernote?

What I’ve done is create a shortcut on my desktop and pointed it to the Evernote import folder on my hard drive. Now when I want to import a file I can just drag and drop the file onto that shortcut and it’s imported into my default notebook for later processing.

You could just create your import folder on the desktop but I like to keep all of my created folders in the ‘My Documents’ folder so that I can easily backup and recreate the directory structure if needed.

Android gets some Evernote Love

It’s been a while coming but the folks over at Evernote have finally done some update work on their Android app so for those of you that aren’t iPhone addicts be sure to check the marketplace and grab your update.

The update includes:

  • An Evernote widget
  • Pinch and zoom support
  • Send to Evernote
  • Note caching (a prelude to offline note storage)
  • And a bunch of fixes

All of the updates are explained over on the Evernote blog so be sure to jump over there to get the full rundown.

Click here to get the QR code to download it right now on your phone.

Search Evernote with Launchy

If you’re like me you’re always searching for something in your archives, and for me one of the biggest is Evernote which does have a really good search tool but sometimes you just want to shortcut it.

For those that prefer the browser interface, the folks at Evernote did a quick video and blog post about adding the ability to search Evernote to Google Chrome.

But wait a minute you said I could search Evernote with Launchy and you can by adding the same search parameters to Launchy.

Open Launchy, right click and select Options
Click on Plug-ins
Click Weby
Click the ‘+’ button
Under name enter Evernote
For the URL enter –
Click ‘Ok’

Now you can bring up Launchy, type Evernote, hit the tab key and whatever you would like to search for.

An important note – if you have multiple words in your search term be sure to place the entire string in quotes or the search will one look for the first term.

I should also note that in both cases your results are pulled and shown in the web client – if you’re logged out you’ll be prompted to log in to see the results.

notebook:”Next Action” tag:@work -tag:@wf

So you’re probably thinking that Scot has lost what few brain cells he has left and is putting garbage in post titles – you couldn’t be further from the truth.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog you know that I’m an evangelist for Evernote. It’s steadily worked its way into just about every aspect of my life – to the point that I’ve gone ahead and forked over the money to be a Premium subscriber. It may not seem like much but this month I pass 200Mb of transfer without really thinking about it – notes to myself, pictures of places, pictures of receipts, scanned copies of documents I think I’ll need later, yes, Evernote has become my “second brain.”

What does that have to do with the subject of this post? An area that I decided to use Evernote was for managing my projects and lists – both home and work. I know, I know, I’m breaking a bit of that “separate work from home,” I posted about a few days ago (read the post) but while it is a single tool for the job using notebooks and tags I can keep the two from mixing together by using search queries.

You would think that as a heavy Google user (okay, most would call me a fan boy) search would come easy, it does but there are challenges when it comes to Evernote. It takes a bit of time to get use to the fact that searches are confined to the notebook you’re looking at so you need to take that into account. You also have to pay attention to how you name things as any given notebook or tag name can only exist once however, more than one note can have the same name (a small blessing). The other search item you need to get use to is that tags have to be called out in the search field, type something in without calling it out and you can get some strange results.

So, back to the post title: notebook:”Next Action” tag:@work -tag:@wf

That’s the search I have saved to pull out all my next actions that I need to do at work. For those that follow GTD you’ll notice the ‘@’ symbol that is typcially used for indicating the various contexts things are done in. In my case the search breaks down as follows:

notebook:”Next Action”

I need to define the notebook that I want searched, I don’t want to worry about where I am in Evernote when I kick off the search so I call it out at the beginning. The quotes you see are necessary as the notebook name has a space in it.


In this case I’m only interested in those items that are tagged to be done at work.


For those items I have delegated off or I am waiting on a response for I tag them ‘@wf’ for waiting for. This search parameter takes all of the ‘waiting for’ items out of the work list as they are not items I need to take action on – someone else needs to.

What’s left on the screen at this point is just the next actions I need to take at work – now I just pick and chose the ones I want to work on based on available time and energy.

So that’s just a peak into the way I use Evernote to help with my GTD system, it’s not the only tool I use as GTD is about method not tools but since I’m at my computer nearly all the time at work it makes sense to use it.

Of course since I have the iPhone app as well so I can take my lists with me.

Do you use Evernote for GTD? Why not share your experiences in the comments?