Category Archives: Web based Sidebar makes it easy to share links mentioned a few weeks ago that I’ve moved to Opera as my primary browser and to date I’ve kept the browser fairly close the base install. I did this primarily so I could get use the the browser itself before I started to “tweak it.”

My latest addition to the browser is the extension.

When you click on the extension’s button the sidebar appears on the left hand side of the browser tab you have open. In addition to giving you the shortened link (which you can single click copy to your clipboard), it also gives you areas to share directly with your social media sites.

Be sure to grab it at: (Opera only)

Goodbye Chrome – Hello Firefox!

As readers of this blog know I’m a big fan of Google products and mention them but I have to say goodbye to my beloved Chrome browser.

The choice was partly mine and partly due to a change in computing platform – a move to the Motorola ATRIX.

For those that haven’t seen it, the ATRIX is an Android based phone that can be plugged into a lapdock, which allows it to be used as a laptop, or into a smaller dock where you can connect a keyboard, mouse, and monitor so you can work at a desk. Here’s a 30 second spot on it.

When the ATRIX is in any of the docks you can invoke the webtop which gives you a Firefox based environment to work in, all browser based – similar to the environment I think you’d find with a Chrome OS book. Unfortunately I can’t do a direct comparison as I didn’t rate one in the beta testing.

Up until now I’ve just been an advocate for both cloud and mobile computing and now armed with my iPhone and ATRIX I’m going to be moving headlong into it, I’m looking forward to the challenge and will be sharing the add-ons, software and tools I find useful along the way.

Is your game in the cloud? Do you spend more time away from a desk or at it? Why not share in the comments.

Full disclosure: I work for Motorola, but not in the cellular phone division. Any comments made by me relating to their products are my opinions only and should be viewed as such.

Daily action leads to daily habits

About a month ago I posted what some of my 2011 targets were, and among those was a goal to tweet every day.

So here I am, a goal in site and not really sure I could keep it going. What I needed was a way to not only track my progress but visually remind myself that I needed to keep going, something that I feel was missing in my failed 365 day project. So I went on a hunt to find such a tool and came across the site, Don’t break the Chain.

The site is simple to use, and follows the productivity secret of Jerry Seinfeld – create a chain of daily actions and you will improve, or in my case develop a new habit. Each day I send out a tweet I log it on the calendar at the site (okay I use the Chrome extension) and I can see the growing chain – it will be 33 days long as this post goes live. I have to admit, there is now this need to keep the chain alive, to not miss a day – it’s like a competition against myself and I’m looking forward to finding other ways to use this site to develop habits and improve myself.

Don’t break the chain is free to use – go ahead, how long can you keep a chain going?

Still want a Chrome Notebook?

If you’re like me you made the attempt to get into Google’s Cr-48 program when they first announced it. They had 60,000 of those notebooks to hand out and if you really are like me, you didn’t get on.

All is not lost however as it would appear that there is another round of chances for those that would like to fill out the forms again. The folks at Google in conjunction with, Zoho and a few others are giving users of those online services a chance at getting a Chrome notebook.

So if you want to try and take the plunge again check out the post Living on the web with the Chrome Web Store (and the Cr-48!) for the details.

If you decide to give it a shot, I wish you the best of luck.

“Your crops are withering”

It was a comment my wife made to me this past weekend and was, of course, in reference to Farmville that addictive game on Facebook.

At one point I had tried the game out, left it for a while, and then returned to it – like an addict getting a fresh taste after going through detox. I worked on my farm a lot. I was trying to compete with my wife, the amount of money on hand, the number of neighbors, the size of the farm, I think you get the picture. What I didn’t realize was what was going on.

“Your crops are withering.”

In game terms I hadn’t logged into the game in a few days and my latest round of crops had died – metaphorically speaking a lot more had died while I was off playing at running a farm.

I stopped logging in and posting on my blogs (all of them), I put off research I had been doing, I put off projects I had intended to start or continue work on, I even neglected items that others counted on me to deliver.

In short, “my crops were withering.”

Like so many things in life we don’t realize what we may be giving up or neglecting until we are struck down by lightning – in my case it was a simple statement which caused me to realize that I has put an awful lot on hold for the sake of a computer game (to all those WoW players out there, I now understand).

So what to do? First off I decided to cut back on farm time – not go cold turkey and completely leave the game as I do enjoy it but instead a scale back. I cut back on the high maintenance items and increase those that needed less tending but would still be beneficial. I’ve also “dusted off” my list of blog ideas and projects so that I can hopefully become a more productive member of society again.

So, are your crops withering? What are you going to do about it? Why not share in the comments.