Choose the tab cycle behavior in Opera

Opera BrowserAs I mentioned previously I’ve move to Opera as my primary browser and like most the more you use something the more you learn about the tool you’ve chosen. In this case it’s the behavior when you use the key combination Control-Tab to cycle through your open tabs.

You can set this behavior from your preferences screen. You can get there from the Opera menu, under Settings -> Preferences or you can just hit Control-F12. Once on your Preferences screen select the Advanced tab and the first option is for tabs.

opera-tab-cycleThe first drop down box allows you to select the behavior you want Opera to have when you click the Control-Tab key combo. The first two options will give you a window that comes up in the center of your browser that will who a list of the tabs you have open – the order is determined by your choice (I prefer the highlighted option). The last one, cycle without a list, is the default behavior you’ll see in most of the other tabbed browsers. With that option you’ll simply cycle through the tabs from left to right.

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