Rotate your desktop background

If you’re anything like me you get tired of staring at the same background image all the time (at least when I can see it) so I thought it would be nice if there was a way to automate it. So I started my search for a way to implement this and in my hunt I came across John’s Background Switchter [via Lifehacker] which at first I wasn’t sure about but after spending sometime with it have decided it need to stay installed.

Download and installation was straightforward and easy and accepting all the defaults got the program up and running in no time. I initially tested it with a directory of space images I have on my drive and it worked flawlessly. So I decided to take it up a notch and try out the RSS feed option.

The folks at Deviant Art have a great selection of images so I pulled the RSS feed for space images into Background Switcher as shown below:

Click image to see full size

Click image to see full size

When the next switch occurred the program grabbed and image from the RSS feed – slick!

Now I get a fresh image on my desktop (currently every 10 minutes) and I don’t need to go hunting for images to increase  my collection for more variety (saving time for other things).

Do you use Background Switcher or another program to change your background? Post your suggestions in the comments below.

(John’s Background Switcher requires Windows and Microsoft .NET 2.0)