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The end of one journey and the start of another [365 Day Project]

Masonic journeys that is.

Derry Masonic Temple in Darkness

For those that have followed me on Twitter and to a lesser extent both here on this blog know that I am a member of the Masonic Fraternity and tonight was a bittersweet moment for me as I had the opportunity to help one man complete his initiation into the fraternity and at the same time mark the end of my journey through the offices of the Lodge.

Tonight’s degree marked the last item on the calender at St. Mark’s Lodge #44 F.&A.M. in Derry, NH that I scheduled as my tenure as Master of the Lodge ended roughly a month ago – there are others that will now carry the torch of the Lodge to set the direction and plan the events. For me, I’m looking forward to providing guidance and counsel to those that are interested in hearing it.

But where one path stops another starts and for me that’s as a Webelos Den Leader for my sons’ Cub Scout Pack and yes, there will be pictures.

100 Days – Where did the time go? [365 Day Project]

One hundred days already, can you believe it?

100 Days - hard to believe it

Back on 1 January when I started this project is was almost on a whim. I thought it was a neat idea at the time and for the most part I’ve had an interesting time with it, documenting things, sharing some interesting sights but there have also been those times and I struggled to just come up with a photo to post.

An interesting side item has come out of this project, I remember a lot more of what’s happened over this time period. A snapshot here and there isn’t what’s done it, it’s the numerous blog posts that I have posted over that same time period. Items such as the snow storms, the wind storm, the blackout are all stored away digitally and form some memories that will be easy to share with the family in the future.

There were many more events that occurred in the first 100 days of this year that I didn’t get a snapshot of, some I wish I had, others I’m glad I didn’t but I will say that I will continue to carry my iPhone with it’s camera at the ready to see what else I can capture with its lens.

Got a photo you’d like to share? Do you have a 365 day project going? Why not share a link in the notes?

Where did you work today? [365 Day Project]

Inside or outside?

Working in the great outdoors

I managed a bit of both today. For my day job I traveled to one of my remote offices for meetings dealing with the usual managerial type deliverables (you know, spreadsheets, reports, etc.) but did get a chance to help out on an internal wiki project – it was nice to see HTML code again.

I finished up my day at the dance studio waiting for my daughter as I often do on Wednesdays but instead of the usual sitting inside on the wooden benches I spent a few minutes writing this blog post from my perch at the picnic table.

Definitely a nice change of pace.

I think I heard something [365 Day Project]

Actually, Trudy thought she heard something.

I think I heard something

Up until now just about every time I took a photo with my iPhone at night the picture comes up rather grainy but for some reason tonight’s photo came out fairly well.

Trudy, our faithful hound, decided just before heading in tonight from a brief walk up and down the driveway to pause and stare out into the darkness – don’t know if she heard anything at all but for a couple of minutes she stood almost still and I manage to snap a quick picture (did I mention my iPhone is with me just about every minute of the day?).

The other nice aspect? A few minutes of quiet before heading back in to try and get kids to bed.

Happy Easter [365 Day Project]

It wouldn’t be Easter without colored eggs!
Happy Easter

For those celebrating Easter today I hope you have an enjoyable holiday with family and friends and not sitting in front of the computer screen reading blog posts about Easter with pictures of colored Easter eggs.

Oh wait, that’s what this is!  🙂

A quick aside, I know there have been a few missed posts over the last few days and I do apologize for that, the string of photos for my 365 day project is still in tact as all of the photo are posted to my Flickr account prior to a post being drafted.  You can see them here.