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Daily action leads to daily habits

About a month ago I posted what some of my 2011 targets were, and among those was a goal to tweet every day.

So here I am, a goal in site and not really sure I could keep it going. What I needed was a way to not only track my progress but visually remind myself that I needed to keep going, something that I feel was missing in my failed 365 day project. So I went on a hunt to find such a tool and came across the site, Don’t break the Chain.

The site is simple to use, and follows the productivity secret of Jerry Seinfeld – create a chain of daily actions and you will improve, or in my case develop a new habit. Each day I send out a tweet I log it on the calendar at the site (okay I use the Chrome extension) and I can see the growing chain – it will be 33 days long as this post goes live. I have to admit, there is now this need to keep the chain alive, to not miss a day – it’s like a competition against myself and I’m looking forward to finding other ways to use this site to develop habits and improve myself.

Don’t break the chain is free to use – go ahead, how long can you keep a chain going?