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Search Evernote with Launchy

If you’re like me you’re always searching for something in your archives, and for me one of the biggest is Evernote which does have a really good search tool but sometimes you just want to shortcut it.

For those that prefer the browser interface, the folks at Evernote did a quick video and blog post about adding the ability to search Evernote to Google Chrome.

But wait a minute you said I could search Evernote with Launchy and you can by adding the same search parameters to Launchy.

Open Launchy, right click and select Options
Click on Plug-ins
Click Weby
Click the ‘+’ button
Under name enter Evernote
For the URL enter – http://www.evernote.com/search?q=%1
Click ‘Ok’

Now you can bring up Launchy, type Evernote, hit the tab key and whatever you would like to search for.

An important note – if you have multiple words in your search term be sure to place the entire string in quotes or the search will one look for the first term.

I should also note that in both cases your results are pulled and shown in the web client – if you’re logged out you’ll be prompted to log in to see the results.

What I’ve been reading – December 5th edition

Another busy week and another round of reading items to share.  There are a number of Google related items in the list as the Chrome OS was made available for download for those that want to test it out (I’ve been booting from a USB drive to test it).

Enjoy the reading.


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How to Display the Publish Date for a Webpage in Google Search using Launchy

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago about how you could update Twitter using Launchy well this week I want to pass along how you can incorporate the date that a particular web page was published. This hack takes advantage of the tip published on 4 May 2009 over at digital inspirationFind the Date When a Web Page was First Published on the Internet.

The secret lies in adding the sequence &as_qdr=y15 to the end of your search – the folks over at Lifehacker pointed this out already in their post Display the Date a Web Page Was Published in Search Results but since we’re going to use Launchy we need to change search tool.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Bring up Launchy
  2. Right click and select Options.
  3. Click on Plugins
  4. Select Weby
  5. Find your Google search
  6. Double click on the Query field
  7. Add &as_qdr=y15 to the end of the line so it looks like:
  8. Launchy's Google Search

  9. Click Ok

That’s it, the next time you evoke a Google search from Launchy the publish dates will be included.

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Update Twitter with Launchy

Yesterday the folks at Lifehacker passed along a great tip for posting to Twitter using a keyword bookmark in Firefox and I quote:

To create this for yourself, add a new bookmark with a name and keyword of your choice and set the URL to the following—the %s will be replaced with whatever you type after the keyword in the address bar.


Since I’m a heavy Launchy user, it’s a top 5 application for me, I wanted to include it in my list of shortcuts a quick edit and it’s up and running.

To set this up, open up your Launchy options screen and then click on the Plugins tab

For the Weby plugin add a line (click the ‘+’ button) with the following attributes:

Name: Go ahead and pick one, I kept it short with just a ‘t’
URL: http://twitter.com/
Query: ?status=%s

It should look something like below:

Launchy's Weby Configuration Line

Click the ‘Ok’ button and you should be good to go. In fact I tested this last night with the following tweet:

Launchy Test Tweet

Just a quick side note – you’ll need to already be logged into Twitter for this to work (you probably already are) and it appears to only work with Firefox, (you are using Firefox right?).

Do you tweet?  Follow me at http://twitter.com/scotnewbury

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