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Xmarks no longer marks the spot

Xmarks, a very popular bookmark syncing tool is closing its doors and shutting down the service on January 10, 2011.

I was a user of the service but when I made the nearly wholesale change over to Google Chrome it was no longer needed – I could sync what I needed through my Google account. That said the service was great and while I did use it I was very happy with it.

Todd Agulnick, the Co-Founder and CTO of Xmarks wrote up a great blog post covering the history of the company and how they came the decision to close the doors, including a mention of the browser syncing tools.

I’m sorry to see this company go – while I may not be a user of the service it did fit a need for folks that use more than one browser and I wish everyone an Xmarks the best of luck in the future.

Be sure to check out the Xmarks Shutdown page which has links to FAQs and further information along with suggestions on syncing services you can use in the future.

Drag and drop comes to Evernote Web Client

Evernote just released a really cool feature to their web interface – the ability to drag and drop to it. There is one catch, you have to be running Chrome or Safari for your browser.

There are two options, drag and drop onto a notebook which will then create a new note or you can attach it to an existing note. You can read about it over on the Evernote blog here.

Or, view this quick tutorial: