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What I’ve been reading – April 24th 2010 edition

So it’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted but I’ve still been taking pictures and sharing out articles.

Below are some of the articles I’ve read over the last couple of weeks – enjoy!


What I’ve been reading – December 26th Edition

Wii games, DS games, a couple of remote control cars and a projector from Shaper Image – seems a bit odd that there was so little technology for Christmas this year despite my constant use of it.  I even managed to stay offline most of the day (just a quick check of email once or twice) but wanted to share the following articles that I did read during the course of the week.


What have you been reading?  Add a link to it in comments.

What I’ve been reading – December 19th Edition

I did manage to get some reading in this week while I cleared the decks for vacation and below are some of the articles I found interesting or helpful. I’ve started to include a few comments on them, let me know what you think in the comments.


What have you been reading?  Add a link to it in comments.

Mobile Edition Now Available

NewburyOnline on a Mobile Device

Just a quick bit of site news, I’ve installed a WordPress plug-in, WordPress Mobile Edition that will automatically recognize a mobile browser and render the site in correctly for you.

So whether you read this blog on your computer, reader, or from your favorite mobile device it should look just fine.

If you have any issues please let me know in the comments.

Leave a Forwarding Address – Redirection

Update: My RPG blog has been moved to its own domain, ofdiceanddragons.com, be sure to stop by and check it out.

Having just moved my RPG WordPress blog, of Dice and Dragons, to a new domain (ok, it’s a sub-domain) I had to over come two major challenges, first the actual move and second what about all those incoming links that the blog had accumulated over the 3+ years it’s been in existence.

As it turns out there is an article in the WordPress Codex – Moving WordPress – which gives a step by step process on moving your WordPress blog. After backing up my data I followed the process and everything went smoothly and the blog was up and running at the new address in no time at all. I still need to finish up some housekeeping but with few exceptions everything is running just fine.

The other item I needed to address was how to handle all the inbound traffic that the blog was still seeing. While the number of hits and views had dropped off after I cut way back on posting there is still a fair amount of traffic to the site – I couldn’t possibly contact everyone that had an inbound link and I didn’t want to just “vanish” and leave a lot of broken links so I decided to setup redirection for the site.

Most folks at this point hit up Google and do a search on redirection just as I did. What you’ll find is a whole host of ways to handle this. I read through a number of them and after digesting them decided there had to be a better way than setting up .htaccess files, HTML or PHP redirects. It took a digging but I finally found and settled on a WordPress plugin – Redirection on Urban Giraffe written by John Godley.

Installing this plugin was straightforward and went smoothly and thanks to the plugin’s ability to handle expressions I was able to set up redirects for entire YEARS worth of posts instead of having to one for each and every post as shown here (click for larger image):

Redirection Configuration

All told it took less that 45 minutes to setup the redirection for the entire site and it’s been working without issue since then so I would recommend if you are in need of redirecting traffic for your WordPress blog to check out this plugin.

Once again you can get it from John’s website at: Urban Giraffe or from the WordPress Codex.

How have you used this plugin or did you use a different approach? Your comments are welcome.